Our Services

Contract Cleaning

We specialise in the food industry and in high-level cleaning. We can provide anything from two skilled hygiene staff up to an entire factory hygiene team.

Hygiene Consultancy

We provide Hygiene Consultants to carry out Hygiene audits and deliver short term support to food processing factories that need help to improve their product and environmental micro results or need other hygiene related products completing.

Interim Hygiene Manager

We provide Interim Hygiene Managers to the food processing industry across the UK. We have Hygiene Managers that are skilled in chilled and bakery environments.

Hygiene Auditing

We carry out auditing in the food processing industry to help check, challenge and improve Hygiene and Microbiological standards.

High Level Cleaning

We have specialist deep clean teams to carry out high level cleaning across all industries. Our Hygiene Teams are IPAF and PASMA trained and capable of using cherry pickers, scissors lifts and scaffolding.

Pre-Audit Cleans

We carry out Pre-Audit cleans in food processing factories to get the factories ready for retailer audits.

Periodic Cleaning

Our Hygiene Team are able to periodically clean your factories as well as providing the option for a deep clean.

Confined Space Cleaning

Working within confined spaces can be both hazardous and physically demanding so all HIS employees are trained in the use of breathing apparatus and rescue/recovery techniques.

Company Values

Hygiene Improvement Solutions’ company values are what we use as principles to set standards of how our family run business works.

Inclusiveness – we are aware that a successful business consists of different ideas, interests, cultural backgrounds and strengths.

Quality – we strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Accomplishment – we aim for the best results and reach beyond standards.

Employee Engagement – highly engaged personnel make for happy clients.




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